Connecting your ministry to the mobile world.


Times have changed.

Our contemporary society has come to expect every legitimate organization, business, non-profit, or ministry to have a well-designed website presence. When it comes to being found by your community and being available to your members, you must be accessible and have timely information on the web. In fact, most modern church plants are scrambling to get their site up before they even begin services. But as we become more dependent on smartphones and tablets — while trying to keep up with the crazy, rushed lifestyle we've developed — having a church website may not be enough to effectively connect with your church family. A website that fails to contain up-to-the-minute information often gets neglected by its members. Ministry Compass provides an easy solution to keep you and your members connected — no frustration needed! 


We've turned into a mobile-driven society.

Numerous studies report that almost 50% of the U.S. population own a smartphone. For adults, that stat jumps to nearly 80%. And we often find ourselves using our smartphones or tablets more than a traditional desktop PC. You know what it's like to try to fiddle with your iPhone and try to pull up that sermon you heard last Sunday, but the website isn't optimized for your smartphone and the sermon won't play. Or remember that time you really needed to contact someone in your church and your tablet refused to load the church membership directory on the website? Having helpful information dangling just out of reach isn't very helpful, is it? Ministry Compass meets these various challenges head on and offers the solution for easily keeping your ministry connected.   


There's a better way to connect busy members with your ministry.

Imagine being able to offer your church family a custom, streamlined app that allows them to access helpful church information — like sermons, events, and the pictorial member directory — quickly, easily and securely.

With a few taps of your index finger, you can be listening to a sermon or registering to bring a dish to the next church fellowship. Online giving, missionary reports, blog posts, and prayer requests are there in the palm of your hand. Members can even look up another member's birthday or anniversary and send them an email right from the app. These are just some of features that make the Ministry Compass app an incredible tool for your ministry. 


Shepherding Even the Busiest Sheep

Imagine being able to check your church calendar quickly and get directions to any event when you need them — all on-the-go. Or imagine what a help it will be to your assembly to be able to access the church directory — and even be able to make calls to church members (or directions to their home) with the tap of your finger. From viewing the church blog posts, to sharing prayer requests, Ministry Compass app is capable of providing information about your church and ministry in an accessible, helpful way that is a handy tool for your church family.

Developed and supported by our professional, gospel-minded team, we've taken the feedback of small and large ministries and created a tool to help them connect with their busy members in our modern-day world.


Excited about what you see? Get your church connected with Ministry Compass today!

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