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Answers for Church Leaders

Do I need to have a website through YCP using Backstage CMS to simply use the features of Ministry Compass?

No, Ministry Compass is a separate, hosted application that runs on our servers. We provide you with an app login link that you can use to update your Ministry Compass App's calendar, post sermons, etc.

Additionally, most churches find that Ministry Compass works seamlessly when it’s also  synced together with the church website. That way you can update both your site and your app all through one system. You can either have our Backstage CMS power your entire website or alternatively if you’d like to keep your existing website's design and content manager, we can provide a custom-quote to install some of the modules as iframed links that give your site's visitors access to those features without appearing to leave your site.


What if I need a new website? Can I get one already setup with your easy-to-use Backstage CMS and Ministry Compass?

Certainly, we provide that through our partner, Your Creative People. We would be happy to provide you with a custom quote on redesigning your church’s website and empowering you to update it on your own through our Backstage CMS (click here to watch some of the features of Backstage).


What does Ministry Compass Cost?

Our basic plan for 6-25 users is only $19mo. which also includes a hosting space upgrade for sermons. Click here to see all subscription plans. Under one of our subscription plans, every single church member will have the opportunity to use Ministry Compass for free.

Under one of our subscription plans, every single church member will have the opportunity to use Ministry Compass for free.

Every church with under 5 users will be able to use the app for free so that you can continue to have your staff try out the app. Click to download and try it today (Apple devices | Android Devices)!

Our basic plan for 6-25 users is only $19mo. which also includes a hosting space upgrade for sermons. Click here to see all subscription plans.


How do I determine which subscription tier to start at?

We always encourage you to signup with the free tier (up to 5 users). Once you reach the threshold, we’ll send you an e-mail confirmation for the second tier ($19mo.) and an invoice to begin that.


Are subscriptions annual or month-to-month?

Your Ministry Compass subscription can be either annual or month-to-month.

You have the option to prepay annually for a discount. If you choose to stop your Ministry Compass subscription during that time, we will issue you a full refund for any unused months, minus of course, any prepay discounts you received.


Do I have to provide a credit card for my subscription?

You are more than welcome to send a check each month or pay online yourself using a credit card. For all subscriptions, a credit card authorization form is required; your card will only be charged in the event of a late or unreceived payment.

To avoid being charged, please call or email us before your billing date if you ever need to cancel.


If a member approaches me with a bug in the app or needs help, who do I direct them to?

As part of your subscription, we provide free support to our member churches. Please simply send us an email or have your member fill out the support form here.

If they have an idea for a great new feature for the app, have them send us that idea and we’ll consider it for a future upgrade!


How can I update my contact, greeting, and service time information in Ministry Compass?

 In Backstage CMS, you can control and edit all of that information by searching for “Ministry Compass.”

There’s a feature I’m missing—how can I get it?

If you’d like to add a new feature like the member directory, blog, online giving, missionary directory, etc. we can provide a custom quote to have that integrated into your website.

Answers for Church Members

As a church member, what’s the cost for me to use Ministry Compass?

Nothing—that’s right, it’s free. Your church has a ongoing subscription that enables you to enjoy all the benefits of Ministry Compass for free.


What smartphones and tablets are compatible?


How do I download the Ministry Compass app?


After downloading, I tried to login to Ministry Compass but couldn’t login. What do I do?

To use Ministry Compass you will need to create a free account, which is totally separate from your church’s website login (though of course, you could always use the same email and password if you desire).This enables you to use Ministry Compass and get free alerts by email when new features come out.

If you have a Ministry Compass account and can’t login, you can change your password if you’d like.


It looks like there’s a limit. How many devices can I put Ministry Compass on?

Under a single Ministry Compass account, you can use the app on up to 3 different devices (ex. your iPhone, your wife’s phone, and your tablet).


I see that other churches have features that my church doesn’t?

Every church’s app is customized to include the features that that church leadership signs up for. If you would like to have access to the member directory, online giving, prayer requests, or any other feature you don’t see listed, we’ve included a way within the app to suggest that idea to your church leadership. 


I have a great idea for a new feature you could add to Ministry Compass. Where do I send it?

We would love to hear your idea! If it’s something we think would benefit all of our users, we’ll build it in and roll it out for free! Use the form on this page to submit your idea. We will consider your idea for future upgrades and get back with you on how we used your idea! 

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